Professional Services & Applications

What company wouldn't welcome a sure-fire way to cut down on employee turnover, unmask the high-risk employee, or ensure that the most qualified candidate is hired or promoted? And when the technique is inexpensive and requires no cumbersome equipment, the subject becomes even more appealing. Science fiction? No, simply science - the science of graphology or handwriting analysis.

We are offering the following professional services:
  1. Vocational Analysis
  2. Sales Aptitude Analysis
  3. Comprehensive analysis

1.Vocational Analysis

for supervisory or administrative support personnel
This analysis tells in detail how a candidate is likely to perform, any special attention he will need, strong points and weak points.
It includes showing traits in very low, low, average, high, and very high intensity. It also includes a descriptive analysis.

It covers traits in the following areas:
  1. Intellect
  2. Motivational drives
  3. Self-image and ego strength
  4. Performance
  5. Outlook and perseverance
  6. Energies and productivity
  7. Emotional stability
  8. Social relations and social skills
  9. Communication skills
  10. Problem areas

2.Sales Aptitude Analysis

Much of a company's success depends upon sales people who produce. But selling is unlike any other job, and the big question is how to identify sales potential in people before hiring.

Year after year, the business community is spending large amounts of money for various kinds of testing but still, few applicants live up to what they appear on paper or in interviews.

The Sales Aptitude Handwriting Analysis evaluates 20 traits, most of which the successful candidate needs good measure. If a candidate has few or none of these characteristics, the chances of making it in sales are slim.

But the evaluation does not stop here. It also determines the presence of possible fear traits, which would automatically eliminate the applicant from the list of desirable candidates.

3. Comprehensive analysis

for management position This analysis examines in depth a candidate's mental processes, maturity, character make-up, aptitudes, interests, motivation, social attitudes, integrity, as well as fears, defenses and potential problem areas.

  1. Intellect
  2. Social relations
  3. Drives
  4. Productivity
  5. Hindrances to success
  6. Defenses


Everybody wants to know more about people’s inner personality. Especially people with whom you are dealing and those people you like, dislike, adore and love.

Now haven’t you thought of just knowing a person’s inside out and there should be a method for this also? Here is a science which can make you read a person’s character like a book. The accuracy level of reading is analyzing high. This science is known as “graphology”.

And the art of handwriting analysis is known as “Grapho therapy” is used to improve certain skill, attitudes, way of thinking, health, mind, relationships and much more.

Graphology is a science of understanding the human mind through a person’s handwriting. When a person writes, the signal in the form of letters get decoded or printed on the paper by fingers. Graphology aims at understanding and interpreting these signals through the writing. Using this, we can know a person’s mind so the thoughts, character and behavior.

Graphology can be applied in various fields, they are mentions as below:-

  1. Inquiry Into Yourself Who You Are
  2. Know Your Relationships
  3. Child Development
  4. Selecting A Life Partner
  5. Selecting A Business Partner
  6. Employee Selection / Recruitments
  7. Criminology
  8. Career Selection For Child
  9. Requires No Tests


Graphology helps an individual to know their strengths, weaknesses, innermost fears and your defense mechanisms, and see himself in new light. As mentioned above, it can reveal various things and its reasons which are associated with the past life.

Graphology can help in understanding and removing the mental blocks to achieve greater personal and professional success and self-growth.


Know the every aspect and the hidden aspect of personality so that you will understand them much better with reasons and improve relationship.
Spending years trying to know the person, expecting him/her to be someone that the person can never be.... that is the way of life for most couples.

  1. Is there a sure shot way to know about the qualities of our partner?
  2. Is there a way to look behind the outer shell?
  3. Is there a way to look at the hidden qualities in each other?
  4. Is there a better way to learn than to live life and find out that you made a wrong decision?
  5. Does He really love you? Or is she using you?
  6. Is He/She pushy or gentle?
  7. Is He/She generous or stingy?
  8. Would He/She desire other sex partners?


From child’s handwriting or by parents knowing handwriting analysis they will know about the child much more than he is showing and behaving. His strengths, weakness, likes, dislikes, skills, thinking pattern, how he grasps things, what are his fears, how does he defend, how much parents are influential on him, is he loved, taken care of, neglected, going through any trauma, can find out various health issues. E.g.:- slow learner, dyslexia.


Graphology helps a lot in selection of a life partner. Through handwriting analysis, one can come to know the character, personality of a person. Even though you have selected your partner, graphology can help you to improve your relationships and compatibility by knowing each others needs and requirements and how they behave in a particular situation. Handwriting reveals everything which a person cannot come to know in detail while meeting him- it means by just having a single meeting. Hence, it can help in selecting the right partner as per the true picture of a boy or a girl.
Handwriting Analysis can help you here. Things such as...

  1. Would He/She make a good husband/wife?
  2. Would she be a good mother?
  3. Would He be a kind, gentle father?
  4. Could He/She be a sex pervert?

And any other things you might want to know about a potential life partner can be easily determined. All you need is a piece of paper on which He/She has written some thing. Too easy to be foolproof you say? Why not try it?


What if your business partner is a good starter or a bad finisher?
What if he is a big deceiver?
What if he can’t face pressure?
Selecting business partner is equally important as selecting a life partner. Graphology can help give you to select right business partner who can take right decision at the right time.


  1. Are you a better Musician or a Painter?
  2. Would you make a better Doctor or an Engineer?
  3. Will you be happy spending your whole life in the lab working as a Scientist?
  4. Will you be a successful Businessman?
  5. We all have only one life. And it is better to make the most of it when we are alive. Once we live through, there is no looking back.
  6. You handwriting can tell you whether you are fit for a particular career or not. It is possible to judge the aptitude of the individual and thereby suggest a suitable career.

Graphology can help in selecting right people for the job. Who’s titled for which job, will he give maximum output in that area.

Example: - if a company wants to recruit excellent team players or fast analyst, creative artists etc, graphology can help in identifying these individuals by/via their handwritten samples and this can easily benefit the individual and the organization.


Graphology can assist police department in solving crimes related to the burglary thefts, suicides, and murders.
Graphology can speed up investigation via writing and signature of a suspect and solve cases.
Handwriting Analysis can be used in discerning falsehoods from written statements. Cooperative suspects can be made to write statements describing the alibis that they have given their knowledge of the crime and so on. Then the handwriting analyst finds a kind of personality profile of the culprit who has committed the crime.

In studies of writings of mass murderers, graphologists have found a preponderance of bizarre drawings or doodles. In addition they frequently use small letters with large flamboyant signatures; meaning that they are severely introverted with a desperate need to be noticed by the public.

Even in cases where suicide has been proved, but not believed by the relatives of the deceased, a quick analysis of the suicide note might spell death for the murderer. Example: - forgery detection and fraud signatures.


Graphology can help you and your child in selecting the right career.
Is he artistic, is he creative, is he very mechanically oriented, is he a fast thinker, is he a analytical person, is he expressive, is he outgoing.
Example1:- for a person who is in a field of sales marketing, such a person for his field needs to be very people loving, outgoing, expressive.
Example 2:- on the other hand for a librarian – it means a person who is introvert, quiet, his job does not involve much of expression or speaking, the job of a librarian will be appropriate for such a person.


Handwriting analysis does not require any IQ test, personality test, assessment test.
Only thing required is pen and paper. It helps in removing mental blocks, failure, procrastination, indecision, lack of persistence, self-deceit, ego-dominance, etc to achieve greater success in life.


A new psychological technique uses the child's or your own handwriting to program behavior. The latest breakthrough using the 100-year-old science of handwriting analysis has been developed to reprogram the unconscious mind. This new techique, called Grapho-therapy , is based on the two credible sciences of Handwriting Analysis and Neuro-linquistic Programming. The results you will witness are simply phenomenal.

In a nutshell, your child or you simply practices specific handwriting strokes each day until they become a habit. As you works through each day for 30-days , new neuro-connections are formed in the brain while a new muscular movement is being taught to the hand. At the same time, on the conscious level, questions are being answered about life, family, money, the future, creating a new foundation of what is possible in the world.

All the while, unconsciously through the handwriting changes, new behavior patterns are being formed. Your child will be discovering new ideas of what is possible while establishing strong internal beliefs about his/her self-worth and place in this world.