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WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY is organization formed for transformation of India through graphology. It is an organization formed by DR. Parag M. KHATRI (M.D.S.), after lot of research and hard work and after having carried out various activities in graphology & graphotherapy.

The aims and Objectives of the organization are:
  • Learning and creating awareness about Graphology & Graphotherapy.
  • Carrying on research and development on Graphology & Graphotherapy.
  • Spreading knowledge of the subjects with the help of conducting Seminars, Workshops, training Camps and providing coaching.
  • Counseling people / organizations interested in the subject.
  • Taking up assignments on providing professional services and projects on the subject to public at large.
  • Exploring new opportunities and possibilities on the subject.

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Dr.Parag M. Khatri

International Contribution to Graphology

Bart Baggett in USA has begun implementing a new program that he says "is revolutionizing and challenging the way cursive handwriting is taught in elementary schools across the nation". Changing their children's handwriting will create higher grades, better behavior, and a happier childhood. Susan Foster, a third grade teacher in Henderson, NV, is one of Baggett's biggest supporters.

She has documented the results of Baggett's program using her own students. "The kids love it and it really has made a difference in some of their personalities."

WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY has undertaken the similar project here in Indian Schools.

WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY have undertaken many corporate companies projects as a support team for selection of employees, also have helped many small industries and business people in choosing their clients, employee and partners. They also do individual counseling for people for choosing life partner, friends and helping them to develop stronger bonds in relationship by more understanding into human design and accepting it.

To make this subject available to each and everyone in India, & to expand and explore to the newest height they have been instrumental in having various activities, inside that they have been successful to organize a rarest and greatest event in Handwriting Analysis by inviting the world #1 and the master himself Mr. BART BAGGETT to India. WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY conducted 3 days extensive handwriting analysis training workshop which was on 9th, 10th & 11th January 2004 at Indian Merchants’ Chamber which was a huge success approximately 150 people participated in the workshop from all over India like Pune, Alibaug, Nanded, Hydrabad, Bangalore & Indore.

WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY also had Press conference before the event at The Press Club, Mumbai through that they got lots of media coverage in print media as well as Electronic media, They had article published in many leading news papers including Times of India, Maharastra Times (Marathi), Mumbai Samachar (Gujarati) and many other newspaper.

We also arranged for the launching of Mr. Bart Baggett’s new book “Success Secrets Of rich & Happy “ in Indian edition form at Planet M, Powai, Mumbai. Through this workshop they have created a very big wave in the field of Graphology.

Mission Transformation Through Graphology

WORLD SCHOOL OF GRAPHO EDUCATION AND THERAPY are conducting regularly handwriting analysis workshop for the people where you will learn different personality traits revealed through penmanship using the science of Handwriting Analysis during intensely "information packed" educational seminar. However, you will also learn about why people are stuck in bad relationships, dead-end jobs, and keep a poor attitude. If you have ever wondered why people do what they do... you will finally be enlightened.

About Dr. Parag M. Khatri

Dr. Parag M. Khatri is Masters in Dental Surgery in Periodontology branch, which deals with Gums surgery and Implantology.
He is expert dental Surgeon very skillful in his work with a keen interest in gums related diseases and its treatments, esthetic and cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment and implant dentistry. He is practicing since 1995. He is very busy in his private practice at Dental Square, Andheri.
He is Honorary Consultant to Larsen & Toubro health centre
He is visiting Associate Professor at dental College for Periodontology subject.
He has a unique and very creative hobby of seeing people’s handwriting and revealing their personality. He has been studying and experimenting in the subject of graphology since his student days. He than did certificate course from USA.
He is very passionate for the subject of handwriting analysis and he with his good friend Raveeshekhar started an organization to cultivate and nurture this science, to bring changes and breakthrough in people’s life. They have got such good encouragement and support from the friends, colleagues, family and all the people they touched.
They started teaching and consulting on professional level this science to people now so that the people who learn this can alter the life of people they know thus bringing transformation of life through graphology and this is there MOTTO.

He has been interviewed by many media people like from Times of India, Education Times, Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, Afternoon and even vernacular language newspaper like Maharastra Times (Marathi), Mumbai Times (Marathi), Mumbai Samachar (Gujrati).

He got breakthrough as he describes “a unique life altering experience of analyzing Pierce Brosnan, the world famous and most popular James Bond 007”
He has analyzed many celebrities and other well known peoples writing
They have been invited to so many organizations like Lions Club, Senior Citizen Club, Women’s Association, colleges SNDT, Dental College to share the knowledge and experience of handwriting Analysis for everyone

● Professional Experience –
Practicing Forensic Science mainly Documentary Fraud Identification & submitting opinions on Handwritings, Signatures, Fraudulent additions & alterations, Approximate age of documents, photo static & scanned transplantations of signatures, Traced forgeries, Freehand & impersonation forgeries, Denial of normal signatures, Denial of disguised (changed) signatures, Anonymous letters, Body writings on Account Opening Forms, Denial of withdrawal of money, Opinions on folds, Sequence of strokes, Distinction between inks, insertion of typed or printed matter etc. Identification of Computer typed documents. I have submitted opinions for – Jangiani, Narula & Advocates, many Attorneys, Super Shine Investments Co., Sudan with the Blue Nile Mashreg Bank recently any many other private sources, Submitted many cases on Questioned Documents.

● Teaching Experience -
Regularly conducting courses for training people to decipher Handwriting and finding the personality traits at N. M. College, Juhu, and Vile Parle. Also conducted course at various places Ruia College, Matunga, Indian Merchants Chambers, Churchgate, Hotel Parle International, Karl Residency, Juhu Hotel… And delivered lectures and seminars at various clubs and association frequently, Delivered Lectures to various MET Institute, Lions Clubs, S.N.D.T. College, and woman’s Associations, Rotary Clubs, Senior Citizen Club, Dental Colleges, Also done seminars at various organizations OTIS, Permacel all the units group of Premchand & Raichand Co., Somaiya Trust etc. Conducting Seminar for the Handwriting University, Bart Baggett, USA, at MUMBAI. Administration Head for The International School of Forensic Documentation Examination, Bart Baggett, USA, Launched the course for the Indian for the first time in 2007 for Forensic Document Examination by Mr. Bart Baggett (Handwriting University, USA)

●Media Presence -
Interviewed on many occasion for handwriting by News papers and TV Channels, Some of the article mention is as follows:

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